Daddy’s Slow Cooker Turkey Soup

The Pinterested Parent


I am going to gush for just a moment about my husband. I like to poke fun of him a lot in my posts. He is a really good sport about it. I tease about him being a “Yes daddy”, which he is, but he is the best “Yes daddy” out there. The truth is my husband is amazing. I often don’t give him enough credit for all that he does for the family. Lord knows, I am not always a picnic to be around, but he is consistently loving & supportive and I adore him for it.

Let me let you in on a little secret, I am not the greatest home maker. After the birth of our daughter, my housekeeping skills have become virtually non-existent. Thankfully, my husband helps with the household duties. He does the laundry & I hate doing it. I clean the bathrooms and floors…

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Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Awesome recipe to try at home.

Strength and Sunshine

I eat pretty minimal amounts of chicken Maybe once a week, twice at the most. Well last week I ate it twice for dinner two days in a row and would have eaten every day that week for dinner. I had bought a jar of Green Mountain Gringo’s Mild Salsa at the grocery that weekend and wanted to take a stab at a new easy chicken dish. I normally would never use a pre-made salsa as they usually are to spicy, or loaded with sodium, but GMG’s salsas are awesome! There is only 90mg of sodium in 2 tablespoons, zero sugars,  and it really is a very mild salsa! So one morning, before school, I just threw the salsa and chicken in the crockpot and let it do its thing and prayed for the best. Well, everything worked out and when I came home the house smelled absolutely lovely, I…

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Slow cooker buying help

At my home slow cooker is one of the most used item in the kitchen. Crock pots are least expensive and most used tool in american kitchen. On an average american kitchen uses slow cooker four times a week.

What to look for when you are buying a Slow Cooker:

1. Size of the slow cooker : Most important factor of selecting a slow cooker is size. Slow cookers are available from 1 Quart to 8 Quarts select one which is suitable for your family. ( 2 Quarts for 1 -2 persons, 4 quarts -2-3 people, 6 – 4 people, More than 6 quarts for large families)

2. Manual Vs Programmable : Manual Slow cookers comes with maximum three settings High, Low and Keep warm. Programmable cookers will helps you to schedule and adjust temperatures. If you are buying for your mom than simple manual cookers are best fit.

3. Removable Crock: Removable crock is easy to clean and handle it.

4. Shape of the Slow cooker (Round, Oval, Rectangle) : This is another Important factor while selecting the slow cooker, big width cookers are perfect fit for large portion meats.

5. Lids ( Plastic, Glass, Metal etc) : Glass lids are good for slow cooking because it keeps the heat in and it allows you to view how your delicious food is cooking with out opening it.

Pick right slow cooker – Crock pot Sizes