Slow cooker buying help

At my home slow cooker is one of the most used item in the kitchen. Crock pots are least expensive and most used tool in american kitchen. On an average american kitchen uses slow cooker four times a week.

What to look for when you are buying a Slow Cooker:

1. Size of the slow cooker : Most important factor of selecting a slow cooker is size. Slow cookers are available from 1 Quart to 8 Quarts select one which is suitable for your family. ( 2 Quarts for 1 -2 persons, 4 quarts -2-3 people, 6 – 4 people, More than 6 quarts for large families)

2. Manual Vs Programmable : Manual Slow cookers comes with maximum three settings High, Low and Keep warm. Programmable cookers will helps you to schedule and adjust temperatures. If you are buying for your mom than simple manual cookers are best fit.

3. Removable Crock: Removable crock is easy to clean and handle it.

4. Shape of the Slow cooker (Round, Oval, Rectangle) : This is another Important factor while selecting the slow cooker, big width cookers are perfect fit for large portion meats.

5. Lids ( Plastic, Glass, Metal etc) : Glass lids are good for slow cooking because it keeps the heat in and it allows you to view how your delicious food is cooking with out opening it.

Pick right slow cooker – Crock pot Sizes


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